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LubeAlloy automotive daily drive oils incorporate the proven technology of PAES-SYN blended base oils and chemical tested and approved additive systems.

Automotive engine oils are required to meet the specific requirements for API (American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (European Automotive Manufacturers Association), JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Our philosophy is to formulate and blend superior performing oils that meet and exceed industry and OEM test base limits. Our engine field trials and laboratory test conducted by technical staff have demonstrated and proven the durability, reliability and extended engine oil performance of the LubeAlloy range of automotive oils.


LubeAlloy automotive oils exceed specification and requirements for hardware of piston cleanliness and ring sticking, cam lobe wear, valve train scuffing wear, diesel engine wear, low temperature sludge, fuel economy; and chemical test for oil oxidation, low temperature pumpability, elastomer compatibility, HTHS (high temperature high shear), shear stability, TBN and foaming.

Technical staff at LubeAlloy approach formulations utilising ultra-performance additive systems from leading chemical companies that have been tested in OEM test rigs or developed beyond those that met approval for licensing to the regulatory requirements.

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