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LubeAlloy Specialized Lubricants

Our Story

LubeAlloy commenced in 1997 to provide Australian industry with specialised lubrication solutions. Our uncompromising focus on chemistry and performance has ensured LubeAlloy’s growth and longevity to date.

LubeAlloy Specialised Lubricants are Australian made innovative fluids engineered for durability and longevity in industrial oil and grease applications. 

LA Specialised Lubricants PARA-SYN™ and PAES-SYN™ Series lubricants are proprietary blended for use in manufacturing, processing and industrial applications including heavy transport, civil and construction, agriculture and automotive markets.

These specialty lubricants reduce friction, heat and wear, extend lubrication change out periods, reduce energy consumption, and importantly, reduce maintenance and replacement cost in applications were performance requirements are productive necessities to industry.


The High Performance PARA-SYN™ or Ultra Performance PAES-SYN™ Series meet and surpass all API, ACEA, SAE and ISO requirements for performance and extended oil drain intervals. Reductions in temperature and boost to oil pressure are well documented (link to testimony) in application of use.

LA Specialised Lubricants are custom formulated to withstand heavy loads; dirty, dusty or chemically harsh environments over a wide range of temperatures and speeds under extreme conditions.

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PO Box 1389 Queanbeyan, NSW 2620

Tel: +612 6284 4966

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