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LAPSUS™ Series –Slide-way Oils
LubeAlloy LAPSUS™ Series are premium-quality slide-way oils formulated to provide exceptional frictional properties to reduce friction and drag, stick slip and machine tool chatter on a wide variety of materials, including cast iron, steel-on-steel and steel-on-polymer.
  • Equipment protection of precision metal cutting lathe machinery. ​
  • Machining accuracy for lubrication of linear guides, translating screws, ball screws, and lathe headstocks
  • Reduced deteriorating wear on sliding surfaces
  • Separability from water and aqueous coolants reducing cross-contamination
LubeAlloy LAPSUS™ Series are suitable for use where Fives Cincinnati specifications P47, P50 and P53 are applicable.
LubeAlloy LAPSUS™ Series are formulated from the PARA-SYN™ series of base oils with slip modifiers, AW/EP additives, anti-rust and corrosion additives.

LAPSUS™ Light – ISO 32 and ISO 68

Recommended for horizontal slide-ways on small to medium metal cutting lathe machine tools
The LAPSUS™ Series provides;

LAPSUS™ Heavy – ISO 150 and ISO 220

Recommended for large metal cutting lathe machine where slide pressures are elevated and detailed precision is required and when vertical and inclined slide-ways where drip down can be problematic.
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