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Engineered to Protect

LubeAlloy lubricants offer a complete range technological advanced oils and grease, specifically engineered to protect industrial equipment and machinery in any demanding environment and operation.

With LubeAlloy lubricants, you are partnering with a company that provides a variety of high performance lubricants that increase operational efficiency and productivity.

All LA Specialised Lubricants are formulated to the latest codes of sustainability and minimal environmental impact.

LA 345 10W-40 provides ultra-high performance long drain (extended service interval) performance Fleet Diesel Engine Oil specified in heavy transport vehicles providing fuel conserving properties, exhaust after treatment device protection and exceeding manufacturer engine component and turbocharger wear limits. Specifically formulated to perform in modern US, Japanese and European heavy diesel engines requiring ACEA E9, API CK-4 and Euro 6 specifications
LubeAlloy DECLINIS™ Series of lubricants are premium performance circulating oils formulated for the centralized lubrication of various systems of industrial machines including steam and hydro turbine sets and other systems where long lubricant service life is required to protect gears and bearings in severe operating conditions.
LA BELLARIA™ Series are Ultra-high performance ashless food grade machinery and processing oils providing enhanced oxidation and corrosion inhibiting properties. This series complies with global standards for food safety and quality meeting NSF H-1 registered Title 21 CFR 178.3570 by the Food and Drug Administration (USA) for incidental food contact.
LA ARMA Series Industrial Gear Oils are advanced lubricants formulated to protect gears, bearings and seals in all types of enclosed-gear drives when a tenacious filmed lubricant is required to lubricate multi head staged gearboxes without splash.
LubeAlloy TENIUS Series™ oils are a combination of select ultra-high performance synthetic base oils to cover a wide range of equipment and operating conditions to lubricate reciprocating, severe-duty single and multi-stage rotary screw and vane compressors, Air-Lines, Blowers, and Vacuum’s.
LubeAlloy OLEUM Series are high performance synthetic formulated zinc-free ashless hydraulic oils to meet the requirements of all types of hydraulic systems. OLEUM Series hydraulic oils are High Viscosity Index (HVI) fluids for improved shear stability, cold flow performance and reduction in power loss and volatility in hot climate-temperature operations.
LubeAlloy VINCULA™ Industrial Chain Lubricants are a series ultra-performance select oils for chains in industrial applications. While there is no definition, or standard, set for chain lubricants from either the ASTM or DIN, for a chain lubricant to be effective it is required to be of high quality.
LubeAlloy LAPSUS™ Series are premium-quality slide-way oils formulated to provide exceptional frictional properties to reduce friction and drag, stick slip and machine tool chatter on a wide variety of materials, including cast iron, steel-on-steel and steel-on-polymer.
LubeAlloy’s 230 series of metal cutting fluids are formulated for ultra-performance in light to medium strain applications. They have been formulated to be chlorine-free, non-staining and non-corrosive to ensure smooth metal working operations while reducing the impact to the environment for disposal and spillage.
LubeAlloy’s Diesel fleet series are a range of ultra-performance PAES-SYN oils formulated to get maximum performance and increased profitability out of machinery dictated by your operational requirements. Whether short hauls, heavy loads, or long distance, LubeAlloy has a product designed for your direct application.
LubeAlloy automotive daily drive oils incorporate the proven technology of PAES-SYN blended base oils and chemical tested and approved additive systems. Automotive engine oils are required to meet the specific requirements for API (American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (European Automotive Manufacturers Association), JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers).
Ultra-premium performance long drain (extended service interval) ‘Low SAPS’ Diesel Engine Oil
formulated to deliver exceptional performance and protection for modern high-performance diesel
engines requiring EURO VI, EURO V and EURO IV OEM specifications.
LubeAlloy’s Transmission and Gear Oils are a highly advanced series of PAES-SYN products formulated to provide extreme pressure properties to protect straight, bevel, herringbone cut gear sets. Enhances protection against pitting, spalling, scoring tooth breakage, and all types of wear.  Provides complete boundary film protection under high load/shock load and high-speed operations.
LubeAlloy formulates a range of grease products to suit all your Industrial and general applications.
Whether you need food-grade products, operating temperature ranges from -50ºc to +250ºc, inert stay-in-place properties for hammer applications, or a product that can be used across the board from your high-speed bearings to your gate hinge at home, LubeAlloy has you covered.
LubeAlloy produces a range of chemicals and supplements for use around lubricants and industrial machinery. All of our chemical products are designed to perform under the most strenuous of applications or provide the highest performance possible.
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