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Innovative Fluid Engineering

Increased lubrication protection with PARA-SYN™ and PAES-SYN™ specialty oils reduces friction and ensure minimum wear, provide long service life and reduce energy consumption. Lubricants are required to transfer forces, reduce friction, dissipate heat and remove abrasive particles. They need to be carefully selected to meet the service requirements and have the proper characteristics. These include the following:

  • Correct viscosity is required to ensure sufficient film thickness across all sliding and rubbing surfaces at all temperatures and speeds.

  • Reliable thermal and oxidation stability enables the lubricant to resist breakdown due to the effects of heat and oxygen. The continuous agitation of oil can give rise to severe oxidation conditions; therefore, PARA-SYN and PAES-SYN oils with high inert chemical stability provide chemical resistance to breakdown.

  • High film and shear strength along with lubricity are required under boundary lubrication to reduce friction and prevent oil film rupture due to load conditions.

  • Effective demulsibility is essential in severe environments where water contamination is always present. The ability of oil to quickly separate from water and reduce the risk of emulsion formation is vital to oil life and performance.

  • Efficient air release is crucial since air is easily entrained in the oil system. The ability of the PARA-SYN™ and PAES-SYN™ oils to release air quickly helps prevent foaming, reduces oxidation conditions and maintains oil film.


While commodity lubricants based on mineral oils provide satisfactory price performance, PARA-SYN™ and PAES-SYN™ oils offer a number of significant advantages, including the following:
Superior thermal and oxidation resistance
  • Provides significantly longer oil life (typically 3-5 times longer than mineral oils at the same temperature)

  • Facilitates operation at higher temperatures (up to 350°C) where mineral oils will not be able to perform for extended periods of time

Superior viscosity-temperature behaviour through high viscosity indices
  • Molecular structure of oil viscosity at low temperature provides easier pumping and rapid circulation at start-up

  • Retains a stable viscosity and therefore thicker oil film at higher temperatures, providing a consistent hydro-film that maintains power transfer and prevents wear

Active low-temperature properties
  • Low pour points provide oil fluidity at conditions down to -45°C to -60°C where mineral oils do not flow

  • Machinery wear occurs at cold start and during the first minutes of operation – oil flow performance is imperative to metal protection and energy loss during this critical time

Deliver greater Return on Capital
  • Specialised lubricant performance delivers attainable and demonstrated cost reductions in business maintenance practice.

The higher thermal durability, oxidation and chemical stability of PARA-SYN™ and PAES-SYN™ base fluids with TRILINIUM®© allow lubricants to be formulated to resist breakdown under the severe conditions found in machinery. This ……improves productivity through longer oil-drain intervals and longer filter/separator life.

These exclusive base fluids retain physical properties that allow safer operations through higher flash, fire and auto-ignition points, while the low volatility helps to reduce oil consumption and deposit formation.

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