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Industrial Chain And Cable Oils
LubeAlloy Industrial Chain Lubricants are a series ultra-performance select oils for chains in industrial applications. While there is no definition, or standard, set for chain lubricants from either the ASTM or DIN, for a chain lubricant to be effective it is required to be of high quality. LubeAlloy utilizes PAES-SYN technology and some of the highest quality base oils available to design broad application, ashless, and carbonless chain lubricants that will maximise the protection and lifetime of the chain.
The rule of thumb for chain lubrication is that with proper application of appropriate lubricants the lifetime of a chain can be extended as much as 100 times than with use of initial manufacturers lubricants.

LA 258 Series Industrial Chain and Cable Oil

ISO 120, 220
LA258 is a robust, non-foaming, industrial chain lubricant designed to maximise protection for all types of heavy duty and industrial chain and conveyor applications.
LA258 is an ultra-high performance synthetic chain oil specially formulated for slow moving chains in applications running high torque, heavy weight applications.  Designed to quickly penetrates all parts of the chain and ensure outstanding protection and longevity of the system.
LA258 does not attract dirt or dust and helps to prevent rust and corrosion.
Not suitable for temperatures over 145°C, in applications where temperatures on the oil will be above this LA262 is recommend.
Not suitable for use in applications where a biodegradable product, or a foodgrade product is required. For these applications use LA256

LA262 Series High Temp Chain Lubricant

ISO 150, 220
LA262 is a highly specialized PAES-SYN™ High Temperature Chain Lubricant that has been engineered to continue lubricating applied parts at temperatures where ordinary oils "carbonise", ‘harden’ and form abrasives that damage equipment. It consists of synthetic, ashless base carrier agent and proprietary additives to form a stable meshing of the lubricant.
*Suitable for applications upto 250°C

LA818 Series Food Grade Chain Lubricant

ISO 150, 220
LA 258 is an ultra-high performance proprietary Food Graded Bio-degradable oil belonging to the Bellaria family of LA products. LA 258 is recommended for use in a wide variety of industrial chains and cables within the food and beverage processing, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. The products are effective in applications where maintenance costs of component replacement, system cleaning and lubricant changes are high and for applications requiring NSF 1H, KOSHER or HALAL recommendations for food processing.
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