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Metal Cutting Fluids
LubeAlloy’s 230 series of metal cutting fluids are formulated for ultra-performance in light to medium strain applications. They have been formulated to be chlorine-free, non-staining and non-corrosive to ensure smooth metal working operations while reducing the impact to the environment for disposal and spillage.


Premium quality Chlorine Free soluble cutting oil designed for light to moderate machining operations including boring, milling, drilling, tapping, threading, broaching, turning, reaming and grinding. LA 230 is a revolutionary, emulsion, cutting and cooling fluid that penetrates rapidly deep into the shear zone of machining operations.
LA 230 Soluble Cutting Fluid is suited for cutting of low and medium steels, machining of non-ferrous metals (brass, bronze, copper), aluminium and alloy, and cast iron. LA 230 is resistant to the build-up of bacteria that an be problematic with water soluble products.


ISO 36

LA 232H ISO 36 is an extreme pressure mineral non-soluble cutting oil with low odour characteristics for machine operator’s comfort. LA 232H is confined to heavy operations such as gear cutting, broaching, turning, threading and tapping. It contains an extreme pressure additive system, rust and anti-foam additives for long tool life, good heat transfer and surface finish. 


ISO 15
Also known a as a straight cutting oil LA232 is a non-soluble highly refined transparent fluid specifically formulated for direct use with machining and metal working operations. LA 232 is designed to be used straight and is classed as an active straight oil with higher Sulphur content. Suitable for harsh low carbon and chrome-alloy steel, LA 232 works well for grinding and preventing the grinding wheel from loading up and therefore increase the life of grinding wheel. Active Straight Oil can provide superior surface finish and prolonged life for the cutting tools.
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